High Rollers

$499.95 for 1 week

Your purchased high roller pick is guaranteed to win or you will receive 1 FREE pick!

2018 RESULTS: 40 OUT OF 45




You get 1 pick for $499.95. Picks are available for purchase at anytime, and will be released to you the morning of the game. Our High Rollers picks come out about once a week. During football season, we generally have 1 pick on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Best of all, we back your purchased high roller pick with a guaranteed win or you will receive 1 FREE pick!

Ordering on game day

Want to purchase your pick on game day? No problem! Just order anytime before the game starts and you’ll get your pick within 10 minutes of your order confirmation!

Purchasing after start of game

If you purchase after a game has already started, you would receive the next pick we release.

Why purchase your High Rollers picks from SmokeYourBookie.com?

We spend a ton of money on inside information, getting you the best picks money can buy. Plus, we have the “wise guys” on our side giving us info the public and other services don’t have access to! Our high rollers picks have won 91% of the time in the last 3 years!


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